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Life Saver
Life Saver

Lifeguard Services

With reference to the Sports Index by Sport Singapore swimming is the top 3 most popular sports among adults from age 20 - 59 and rank number 5 for teens age 13 - 19. With such numbers statistic it is important for us to have basic knowledge of aquatic safety to prevent the infamous 'silent killer' (passive drowning) from doing its work which have claimed lives especially at private pools. Studies by various countries and organisation shows that with the presence of a lifeguard it will decrease the likelihood of drowning incident from happening significantly. At Singapore Lifeguard Federation we, strive to provide professional lifeguards to suits your needs and to oversee your guest and your safety. Through us they will be kept abreast of aquatic safety practices and we ensure the code of conduct is being upheld by lifeguards we provide.

Pool Safety Rules
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